Network Services

Networking Services

NETWORKING is a vital component of today’s business and in every government establishment that you must have. Local Area Networks (LANs) allow organizations to link their computers together for maximum work sharing, collaboration among geographically disparate teams, and other essential business functions. JOIN Group Consulting LLC has and is helping different sectors of the economy (government, private and public sectors) and IT professionals in setting up LANs, WANs (Wide Area Network), cloud and Intranets in a way that will contribute to their establishment’s growth and success.

This includes but not limited to LAN/WAN hardware and infrastructure design, network operating systems, LAN management and security to full implementation and maintenance. Numerous WANs have been constructed, including public packet networks, large corporate networks, military networks, banking networks, stock brokerage networks, airline reservation networks and Campus Network.

Our home network services are tailored to many system environments. We can design, install, and secure your home or office network. Done right the first time using industry standard security and encryption, we are able to provide solid foundation for your networking needs.

Tailored Packages Predictable Costs 24/7 Ramped-Up Productivity We Are Always Available
Our custom network installations and systems will allow for the integration you are looking for. Whether it is cabling, system design, configuration, or installation we are here to help you and your business. The wide spectrum of data across voice, safety and security, audio and video, and many more is a necessary reason to have the experience of an accountable and professional team like the one right here at Heartland Computers. Troubleshooting and support is also available. Call today for any inquiries.
With more than 20 years in Information Technology field, we understand that people are unpredictable prices after an initial quote to customers, JOIN Group take the hassles of any additional price that might emanate during the implementation of the approved plans. Our prices are predictable, market value and fixed. Other benefits include; Simplified budgeting (know what to expect each month), Single-point of contact for prompt problem resolution / cost-containment, Proactive measures to minimize downtime and costs, Know your future IT expenditures through regularly scheduled Client Business Reviews (CBRs), Flexible coverage options that meet your specific needs (per-user, per-device, etc.) and customized agreements to match your needs and budget avoiding unnecessary costs

Business owners are notoriously busy, often juggling multiple tasks at once as it relates to networking services, making it difficult to stay on top of everything without unnecessary stress. Luckily, we can help even the busiest small business owners get on top of their requirements and make the most of the time they have and a timely completion.

We combine both technical expertise and sound business logic to analyse, recommend and deploy robust hardware and software solutions to assist organisations in gaining and sustaining competitive advantage. And because you rely on your IT infrastructure to work 24/7, our team of technical consultants and professional IT engineers means you have the support you can rely on 24/7.


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